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General Account Questions

Will my member and/or account number change?

With our new system upgrade, you're a member, not a number. From now on, all of your information will be under your name, so not only will you not need to use an account number when you call or come in, all your accounts that are tied to your name will be accessible with a single lookup – making for a faster and easier banking experience.

Your current account number will remain the same but will now begin with 000. When you reference this number you can reference it without the zeros.

We have modified how we identify our shares and loan product names by removing the account suffix (loans will no longer be identified by an L and shares will no longer be identified by a S).

Will the The Police CU routing number change?

No, it will stay the same. The current routing number is 321076496

Is anything changing with my checks?

Your checks will remain the same.

Will my Debit or Credit Cards be affected?

Your card numbers will remain the same.

Please note that the cutoff time for making credit card payments (online, in person, or over the phone) is July 1, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

    Will my automatic deposits and withdrawals still work?

    Yes. All of your automatic deposits and withdrawals will post to your account as usual.


    Will my statements or transaction history look different?

    For the most part, your Statements will continue to look similar to what you're seeing now, with some minor cosmetic changes. Your transactions will be notated differently, making it easier for you to understand your statement. The important information (i.e. Deposits, Withdrawals) will still be included.

    In July statements, in the Account Summary only —IRA account balances were combined with Member Savings and Wealth Builder balances were combined with Checking. Please note that the Account Detail correctly displays Account balances. We are currently working with our partner to show IRA Summary balances separately. Wealth Builder accounts will be combined with Member Savings in the Summary.

    We are also working with our partner to display joint account owners and certificate maturity dates on Statements.

    Will my delivery time change?

    No, you can expect your statements at their regular time. The only statement with a change in delivery timing is the HELOC statement which changed from the 10th of each month to the last day of the month. This change became effective on April 30, 2021.

    How do I access historical statements or enroll in E-statements?

    You can access up to 35 months of E-statements in Digital Banking. You can request additional history by contacting us

    Please note there is a $2 fee for each statement copy.

    To learn more about enrolling in E-statements, click here